The World’s First Device To Combat Poor Posture Through AI Technology & Vibration

HoldOn EyeCare Clip is designed to combat poor posture and screen habits caused by the modern digital world.

Introducing EyeCare Clip: Enhance Your Eye & Posture Health in 5 Simple Steps!

Step 1: Power Up the EyeCare Clip

Allow the device to reach a full charge (usually takes approximately an hour). The indicator light will pulse during the charging process.

Step 2: Find the Perfect Fit

Begin by effortlessly locating the attachment that matches the temple of your glasses.

Step 3: Easy Attachment

Effortlessly attach the EyeCare Clip to your glasses.

Step 4: Convenient Activation

Activate the clip with a simple tap - just three times.

Step 5: Seamless App Integration

Connect your EyeCare Clip to our dedicated mobile app, establishing a seamless connection that brings advanced technology into your daily life.

You're all set!

Start receiving vibrations and phone notifications, alerting you to excessive screen proximity, poor posture, and dimly lit surroundings. Take the first step towards developing positive eye and posture habits, and witness the positive impact on your overall well-being.



"The HoldOn EyeCare Clip is one of the best devices I have come across, it’s practical and useful in correcting poor posture when doing extensive computer usage, gaming or using a smartphone for long periods of time."


Juan Colon, Master Optician
ABO/NCLE licensed Vision Centre of Victor Valley Apple Valley, California

“The HoldOn EyeCare Clip is innovative and practical - useful for mitigating the risks of myopia progression associated with close range activities.”


Aimee Mesenburg, OD Optometrist
Atlanta, Georgia

“The HoldOn Eyecare Clip is like having your eye doctor standing over your shoulder gently reminding you to view your digital devices with proper posture and to hold your devices at a proper working distance from your eyes. This is a great way to protect your vision and eye health.”


Christine Chang, O.D./ Optometrist
West Covina, CA

“The HoldOn EyeCare Clip is an amazing product. It’s very user friendly only taking about 5 minutes to set up the app and attach it to my glasses. I noticed the benefits right away helping me correct my posture while working. After a 10-hour day in my clinic staring at spreadsheets and charts I felt the difference."

Gerard Johnson M.S. / Healthcare professional
Atlanta, Georgia

“The HoldOn Eyecare Clip is very user friendly. It allows you to easily monitor not only your proximity to any of your digital devices but also your posture while using them.”


Jennifer Lee, O.D. / Optometrist
Brooklyn, New York

“The HoldOn EyeCare Clip provides an innovative solution to help you maintain good posture and protect your eyes from nearsightedness.”


Dr. Justin Charney, DC / Chiropractor
Philadelphia, PA

“HoldOn EyeCare Clip is an affordable option for people seeking to correct their posture”


Dr. Michael Abood / Chiropractor
Twinsburg, OH

“Maintaining excellent posture can be aided by the HoldOn EyeCare Clip, ergonomic furniture, and taking breaks from screens.”


Dr. Stacie Murray, DC / Chiropractor
Buffalo, NY

“The HoldOn EyeCare Clip is an innovative device that promotes a posture-friendly lifestyle and protects children's eyesight.”


Krystal Ann Phillips, DC / Chiropractor
Chesterfield, Missouri



"As a parent, I wanted to ensure my kids developed good eye and posture habits early on. The EyeCare Clip has been a game-changer! It keeps them mindful of their screen time and alerts them when their posture is poor. Highly recommended!"


Sarah Anderson

"I'm amazed at how the EyeCare Clip has improved my children's habits. They are now more conscious of their device usage and maintain better posture. It's a fantastic tool for parents concerned about their kids' eye health."


Michael Thompson

"Being someone who spends hours on digital devices for work, the EyeCare Clip has been a lifesaver. It reminds me to take breaks, correct my posture, and monitors my screen time. A must-have for tech enthusiasts like me!"


Jennifer Carter

"As a middle-aged adult glued to my screens, the EyeCare Clip has been a revelation. It's like having a personal assistant for my eye health and posture. I feel more aware and in control of my habits now."


Robert Mitchell

"I love how the EyeCare Clip seamlessly integrates with my glasses. It's an excellent companion for anyone who values their eye health. The alerts and monitoring features keep me on track with my digital lifestyle."


Emily Turner

To Download the EyeCare Clip Mobile App for iOS & Google Play Store

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There is a common misconception that artificial intelligence (AI) only refers to machine learning, when in fact it encompasses a much broader range of techniques and applications. The HoldOn EyeCare Clip is a great example of this, as it incorporates AI in the form of sensors that detect the user’s posture, lighting conditions, and proximity to electronic devices. This data is then collected and analyzed in an accompanying app, allowing the user to track their habits and work towards better eye and posture health.

While the HoldOn app may eventually be able to leverage machine learning algorithms to improve its insights and recommendations, for now it primarily serves as a tool to help users form good habits through AI-assisted monitoring and tracking. By expanding our understanding of what AI can do beyond just machine learning, we can appreciate the many ways that it can be applied to improve our daily lives.

Yes, currently the patent is pending in all countries.

Maximum 48 hours

We are looking for qualified exclusive distributors in every country besides Japan. We would like to partner with companies experienced in marketing and distributing similar products to a global audience. We can manufacture the clips for our partners or lease the patent to them so they can manufacture the products themselves. Please contact us for further details.

The EyeCare Clip weighs 7 grams. The EyeCare Clip will not weigh down and tilt the glasses to one side.

Yes, on iOS 8.0 or above, Android 5.0 or above

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