Functions and Expected Effects of EyeCare Clip

Speaker: Takamon Fujiwara


In recent years, the use of digital devices has become widespread, especially in education. This has led to increased issues such as myopia and poor posture. In Japan, approximately one-third of the population has myopia, posing long-term risks to vision and overall well-being.

EyeCare Clip:
The EyeCare Clip is a device that monitors viewing distance, posture, and illumination. It follows industry standards and guidelines to provide warnings through vibrations and a dedicated app when improper conditions are detected. It is designed to be easily integrated into children's daily lives.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • Easy Installation: Compact and lightweight, easily attachable to eyeglasses.
  • Advanced Sensor Technology: Equipped with a 6-axis sensor that monitors head angle, distance from devices, and room illumination.
  • Alert Function via Vibration: Warns users of improper posture, poor lighting, or incorrect viewing distance.

Integration with a Dedicated App:

Allows users to manage data and adjust settings.
Expected Effects:

The EyeCare Clip is expected to have several effects, including:
Suppression of Myopia Progression: By promoting proper conditions for device use, it can reduce eye fatigue and potentially suppress myopia progression.
Maintenance of Correct Posture: Vibration alerts encourage users to maintain good posture, preventing pain and promoting overall joint and muscle health.

Support for Children's Visual Development:

Protects children's vision and prevents problems associated with visual impairment.

User Feedback:
Feedback from parents has been positive, with improvements in posture and overall satisfaction with the EyeCare Clip's functionality.

The EyeCare Clip is a promising tool for suppressing myopia progression in children. It plays a valuable role in protecting children's vision in an increasingly digital world.


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