Tips and Solutions for Posture Improvement to Reduce Back and Neck Pain

Numerous health problems, such as neck, back and shoulder pain, headaches, arthritis, and poor circulation can be brought on by improper posture. It’s critical to pay attention to how your body is positioned during the day and make an effort to sit and stand up straight to counteract bad posture. Here are some pointers for better posture:

✔️ Sit with your back against the chair and your feet flat on the floor.

✔️ Keep your chest out and your shoulders back and down.

✔️ Keep your chin parallel to the floor and your head level.

✔️ When sitting, support the curve of your lower back by using a small pillow or rolled up towel.

✔️ Take breaks to walk around or stretch and move between sitting and standing as needed.

✔️ When standing or sitting, try to avoid slouching or hunching over.

✔️ Proper ergonomics such as, a comfortable chair, placing your keyboard so that your shoulders and arms can be relaxed and placing your screens at eye level.

The HoldOn EyeCare Clip, a new gadget that can assist with keeping excellent posture in addition to these suggestions, is now available. This product uses AI technology and vibration to combat poor posture for the first time in history. The gadget clips onto your current prescription or non prescription eyewear and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It vibrates to alert you when you are too close to the screen, your posture is awkward, the lighting is too dim, and it also allows you to monitor how much time you spend using your electronic devices.

 The HoldOn EyeCare Clip is outfitted with AI technologies to help the user maintain a posture-friendly lifestyle while helping to safeguard their eyes from the risk of nearsightedness. It will serve as a reminder to put down your device, sit up straight, and change the lighting. If you want to correct your posture while spending a lot of time in front of a computer or phone, this device is the ideal option.

 A chiropractor is another option for improving and maintaining proper posture. Doctors of Chiropractic are educated on how to assess and treat musculoskeletal problems, including poor posture. They can prescribe stretches and strengthening exercises to help improve posture, which can help with reducing neck and back pain.  Chiropractors also perform spinal manipulation, which will help keep your spine in proper alignment, improve flexibility and range of motion, reduce pain and keep your posture on point.  

 In conclusion, it’s critical to make a point of paying attention to your posture throughout the day and to sit and stand up straight. Maintaining excellent posture can be aided by the HoldOn EyeCare Clip, ergonomic furniture, and taking breaks from screens. Consider going to a chiropractor for further evaluation and treatment if you are experiencing discomfort or having trouble maintaining good posture.


Stacie Murray, DC


Buffalo, NY

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