EyeCare Clip wins Kids Design Award!

"1 in 3 People Has Vision of Less Than 1.0; 'EyeCare Clip' for Children Myopia Suppression Wins Kids Design Award

ClearElectron Co., Ltd.

ClearElectron Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Shiken Ono) is pleased to announce that the 'EyeCare Clip,' which can help prevent and control myopia simply by attaching it to glasses and promote correct posture habits, has received the 17th Kids Design Award (Organized by: Kids Design Council, Supported by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Cabinet Office, Consumer Affairs Agency)



The Kids Design Award is an award program established in 2007 with the aim of selecting outstanding works from products, services, spaces, activities, and research that fulfill the purpose of "children living safely," "children growing with rich sensibility and creativity," and "creating a society that is easy for raising children" and disseminating them widely in society. It encompasses designs specifically created for children as well as designs developed for adults or the general public, as long as they incorporate considerations for children and child-rearing. You can find more information about the Kids Design Award on their website: https://kidsdesignaward.jp/

"Environment Surrounding Children"

In recent years, in the digital society, one out of every three elementary school children has a visual acuity of less than 1.0.

(Reference: https://www.mext.go.jp/component/b_menu/other/__icsFiles/afieldfile/2019/03/25/1411703_03.pdf)

It is necessary to take early measures. The Eye Care Clip can protect your child not only from deteriorating eyesight and poor posture but also from various other risks in their environment.

Here's a link to the complete press release. Since it's in Japanese, be sure to utilize the translation option to access the entire article.


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